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Tenders International Bids Business Opportunities
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Government/Non-Govt. Tenders from SAARC

Government & Non-Government Tender Notices, procurement news, project information and business opportunities from SAARC countries - India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

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Tenders By Category

Agriculture and Related Services

Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS)
BFIS - Insurance
BFIS - Merger And Acquisition


Consultancy - Education
Consultancy - Engineering
Consultancy - Financial
Consultancy - Health
Consultancy - HR
Consultancy - IT
Consultancy - Law
Consultancy - Management
Consultancy - Oil And Gas
Consultancy - Security
Consultancy - Tourism



Energy, Power and Electrical
Energy And Power - Industrial Automation
Energy And Power - Non-Renewable Energy
Energy And Power - Renewable Energy

Engineering Procurement And Construction (EPC)

Environment and Pollution

Export and Trade

Healthcare and Medical

Industry - Automobiles
Industry - Cement
Industry - Chemicals and Fertilizers
Industry - Fire Safety and Security
Industry - Furniture
Industry - Leather
Industry - Machinery
Industry - Minerals and Metals
Industry - Mining
Industry - Paper And Packaging
Industry - Plastic And Rubber
Industry - Printing and publishing
Industry - Textiles

Infrastructure and construction
Infrastructure - Airports
Infrastructure - Bridges
Infrastructure - Building
Infrastructure - Roads and Highways
Infrastructure - Tunnels

Information Technology (IT)
IT - Access Control

Oil and Gas


Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Real Estate


Research And Development


Science And Technology

Services - Entertainment And Media
Services - Postal and Telegraph




Transportation - Airports And Aviation
Transportation - Ports, Waterways and Shipping
Transportation - Railways
Transportation - Roads and highways

Water and Sanitation

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Tender notifications Public Tenders
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SAARC Tenders is one of the largest source of tenders global tenders International/National Tender Notices Resource and the best place for Global Tender Notices, International Projects Information, Procurement news, RFP's, RFQ's, EOI, RFI, Pre-Qualification and Contract Awards international and national competitive bids issued by various governments, corporate, private and public organizations from SAARC countries - India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Afghanistan Bhutan Maldives. Also tenders / national competitive bids from World Bank and Asian Development Bank.
Tenders International Bids Business Opportunities Tenders International Bids Business Opportunities
Tenders International Bids Business Opportunities
SAARC Tenders